Hospital Product Suppliers



Sleeping Crocodile Inc.’s comprehensive knowledge of sourcing and procurement helps organizations elevate programs holistically and generate business growth in a cost-effective and efficient way, giving hospitality partners an edge in customer satisfaction.


We use our in-house talents and resources to provide a wide range of procurement strategies and solutions, ensuring a smooth experience from end to end.


Sleeping Crocodile aims to make itself your one-stop procurement solution partner wherever you are based in the globe. We have been a top choice as an offshore partner for many businesses all over the world, thanks to our modular business solutions.

How do we do it?

Emphasis on Life-time Value

Our credibility in sourcing makes us a powerhouse for helping out clients reach their maximum potentials while keeping factors like cost and budget into consideration.

Consolidated Purchasing Power

Through solid business-relationship experiences, Sleeping Crocodile has built sourcing strategies with significant results, reducing costs and increasing purchase efficiency.

Streamlined Business Processes

We simplify sourcing management through standardized requirements and processes, leading to affordable inventory costs and minimized redundant purchases.

Improved Cross-Functional Teams

Product and process experts are results of complete and thorough information and experiences from client demands, business trends, and respective needs to cater to organizational objectives. Sleeping Crocodile Inc. has superseded organizational barriers with systematic collaboration and enhanced innovation.

Stronger Supplier Relationships​

Product and process experts are results of complete and thorough information and experiences from client demands, business trends, and respective needs to cater to organizational objectives. Sleeping Crocodile Inc. has superseded organizational barriers with systematic collaboration and enhanced innovation.


What our clients say

The most valuable business resource we have EVER had.

Dan Middleton
General Manager
Sleeping Crocodile impressed me on multiple levels.
James Stevens
Procurement Specialist

“They may be a new name but they perform like legends! Partnering with Sleeping Crocodile was the best decision we ever made”.

General Manager

“Procurement demands so much time and decision-making but Sleeping Crocodile has been innovative and has limitlessly provided us options which were customer-focused.”


“A fresh name in the procurement industry, equipped with the best strategic styles and conventional approach, governed with the right mindest and attitude towards partnerships. I was hesistant at first because they were new, but definitely made the best decision for this transaction and future deals. Highly recommended, at par with the leading procurement agencies around the globe."

Gertrude Miller

Why choose us

Over the years, we’ve developed a strategic sourcing method that combines industry experience with rigorous analysis and theoretical knowledge on procurement methods to achieve significant reductions in cost.

With a globally diverse workforce located in Asia Pacific, USA, and Europe, we utilize cultural diversity and grassroots knowledge to provide accurate analytics for our sourcing method and implementation.

The first step revolves around project analysis. Based on your business need, we determine a procurement profile by analyzing the scope of purchases and creating a sourcing plan. This procurement profile covers itemizing direct and indirect materials used in the project as well service types and capital costs.

Following the creation of a procurement profile, the purchases are then grouped with the help of our comprehensive supply positioning matrix. This, together with our knowledge on market dynamics and business strategies, helps us prioritize each purchase group based on the method of acquisition.

Each sourcing group will then follow a seven-step detailed methodology which will outline your total spend and recommend cost-effective and eco-conscious procurement strategies to implement.

  • Profile Category
  • Market Analysis
  • Develop Sourcing Strategy
  • Supplier Selection
  • Negotiation & Contract
  • Implement Agreement
  • Manage Supplies


About us

Sleeping Crocodile’s expertise lies in its relationship with the hospitality sector. Engaging in the import and export of various health-related care and hotel products to service equipments, Sleeping Crocodile has created a strong commercial presence in the trading industry since it started operations in the Philippines in 2012.

Manned by a globally diverse team with varied and multiple skill sets in different markets, Sleeping Crocodile aims to provide Hospital Supplies and enhance the quality of life, all the while ensuring minimum impact on the environment.

In need of hospitality furniture? Sourcing medical consumables? Do you need someone with eco-friendly solutions in mind? Our services ensure that we will not only enhance the quality of your business in the medical field, but also ensure quality of care with your customers.

what we supply

Sleeping Crocodile Inc. can procure and provide a wide range of supplies to help ensure that your business is run as effectively and as efficiently as possible:

1. Surgical and Nonsurgical Disposables-

We distribute a wide range of disposable items like pressure monitoring line, Ventilator Breathing circuits/systems, examination couch roll, latex gloves, pe gloves, c-arm cover, surgical drape and surgeon gown, maternity kit, disposable HIV Kit, disposable camera cover, disposable under-pad sheets and other Non-Surgical Disposables Supplies. Our products are intended to meet the entire requirements of the hospitality market.

2. Medical and Non-Medical Uniforms-

Here at Sleeping Crocodile, we give you a great selection of Medical Uniform Supplies in Nepal for your medical and non-medical apparel requirements. We offer different sizes and styles for scrub tops, pants, warm-ups, lab coats, scrub hats, medical scrubs & nursing uniforms.

3. Medical Vein Finder-

Ever get complaints from patients getting blood extractions or blood typing because of medical staff having hard time finding their veins? Here at Sleeping Crocodile, we offer to you a variety of medical vein finders to choose from. Help your patients reduce their pain, stress and trauma using state of the art medical equipment.

4. Medical Blood Warming Cabinets (Incubators)-

Medical blood warming cabinets are intended for hospital use to warm bottles or bags of fluid to around body temperature. It is considered a good practice to warm fluids prior to use as this helps to preserve patient core temperature.

5. Blood Infusion Warmers-

Blood warmer and Infusion warmer is a medical device for warming infusions and transfusions to prevent intra- and post-operative hypothermia. Here at Sleeping Crocodile Inc., we give you high performance blood infusion warmers for your medical operations.

6. All sizes of Ampules Cutter –

We give you high quality ampoule cutters which are Safe and sterile way to open or cut ampules to help avoid pieces of glass from getting into the ampule and plastic cover and protect your medical practitioners.

7. Medical Trolleys/Medicine Racks/ Crash Carts-

Sleeping Crocodile Inc. supplies the finest medical trolleys, medicine racks, and crash carts which are designed to keep hotel and medical equipment systematized and help develop productivity throughout our hospitality clients.

8. Hotel and Hospital Linen-
With us, you are guaranteed that you get the finest hotel and hospital linens like Bed, Bedding, Mattress, Blankets Comforter, Duvet, Sheets, Bed Sheets, Pillow, pillow sheets, Towels, and more. We provide a wide selection of hospitality linens from designs, types, and other customization as per client requirement.

9. Hotel and Hospital Toiletries-

These are customer essentials which are typically neglected by hospitality institutions. Allow us to help you select and acquire reasonable high-quality hotel and hospital toiletries for your valued customers.

10. Digital BMI Scales-

Get the latest and most trusted digital BMI scales through Sleeping Crocodile Inc. Be confident in giving your patients the most accurate results in the most advanced and relaxed ways.

11. Anti-Needle Stick Injury Gloves-

Minimize needle-stick related injuries of your medical personnel through needle resistant gloves. Here at Sleeping Crocodile Inc., we help you find the most effective and reasonably priced needle resistant gloves which are perfect for your healthcare workers.

12. Bio Medical/ Non-Medical Waste Bins-

Proper waste management is essential for any medical facility to avoid the spread of diseases and other illnesses brought about by improper waste disposal. Sleeping Crocodile Inc. offers a number of receptacles to cater to your business’ specific needs.

13. Waterproof/ Weatherproof Shoes-

Hospitality institutions are busy 24/7, and for personnel who are always on the go and ready to act on emergency situations, the wrong footwear can make a huge difference. Sleeping Crocodile Inc. can supply your business with waterproof and weatherproof footwear for your healthcare workers. Orthopaedic and slip-resistant options are also available.

14. Medical Simulators (Manikins)-

Sleeping Crocodile Inc. also offers a wide range of simulators, models, and mannequins for healthcare educators, ensuring that your personnel are always prepared for real-life situations.

15. Information/ Feedback/Self Service Kiosks-

Customer service and satisfaction is the heart of hospitality and healthcare industries. Here at Sleeping Crocodile Inc., we will help you find the best types of kiosks that your business can use.

16. Blood Bank Refrigerator-

Sleeping Crocodile Inc. can provide your institution with blood bank refrigerators, allowing for the safe and convenient storage of blood and blood components essential to maintaining the freshness and integrity of these items.

17. Ultrasonic Washer-

Ensure removal of many various kinds of dirt through ultrasonic technology, keeping your facilities and supplies as sanitary as possible. Find the right ultrasonic washer for your business with Sleeping Crocodile Inc.

These are just a few of the items we can source for you. If you have any other materials and supplies your business may need that are not listed here, you may reach out to us and provide us with more details of your specific needs.

-Sleeping Crocodile INC.

About the Chairman

Prabish N. Rayamajhi

       Sleeping Crocodile Inc.’s founder and Chairman Prabish N. Rayamajhi leads the powerhouse organization in its day-to-day operations while also guiding the vision of the company. Prabish’s resumé boasts extensive experience in businesses with global competitions and fast-changing market environments, especially in the IT and offshoring sectors. Despite this, he remains very environmentally conscious, leading to him founding Sleeping Crocodile International in Kathmandu, Nepal to complement Sleeping Crocodile’s operations in the Philippines. Prabish graduated from New York with an Arts and Sciences degree in Systems and Programming.